Project Timeline by kristinmarting
December 23, 2009, 2:30 am
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Starting in March , weekly provocations & posts let loose.

From April-December, we will hold 8 community think tanks at HERE (1 each month, except june):

Think Tank #1 – Ambition Monday, April 12 7pm-10pm

Think Tank # 2 – Happiness Tuesday May 4 7pm-10pm

Think Tank # 3 – Freedom Wednesday July 7 7pm-10pm

Think tank # 4 – Equality Wednesday August 18  7pm-10pm

Think tank #  5 – Honor Thursday, November 12 7pm-10pm

Think tank # 6 – Hope Sunday, December 5 3pm-6pm

Think tank # 7 – Opportunity March TBD

Think tank # 8 – Community April TBD

In June, we did PICKET DREAM,  a three day art action as part of the Figment Festival on Governors’ Island.

In July, we had a 7 day development retreat at NACL in the Catskills. We showed some of what we made there at HERE on September 13 and at the Prelude Festival on September 30.

We will have a one week workshop at Baruch College October 20 -28. We will share what we make on October 28 at 4pm.

We plan a  1 day street action art event to be held in Times Square this winter.

In December, we rehearse for 1 week.


In January, we continue to rehearse. On January 15 & 16, we present 2 workshop performances in Culturemart.

In late March – early May, we have another 1 week workshop.

In May, we hold another 1 day street art event.

In June or July, we plan a  7 day out-of-town summer retreat possibly culminating in 2 performances.

In August, we rehearse the full production and run for 16 performance at HERE in September/October.


We hope to tour LUSH VALLEY to 2-4 US cities.