Ambition Session Notes: Childhood vs. Adult Ambition by kristinmarting
April 13, 2010, 6:58 pm
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Tal & others at Ambition Think Tank, photo by Carl Skutsch

Childhood Ambition vs. Adult Ambition

Notetaker : Marc Bovino

do childhood ambitions drive us as adults?

are they at work subconsciously?

do childhood ambitions become adult ambitions because of the influence of the “american dream”?

or does the American Dream take away from our Childhood Ambitions?

how is the endless possibility of childhood honed down to an adult ambition?


Tal: Always loved the books with the character Tin Tin, a boy reporter who would go on adventures

Consciously used that fictional character to shape his life

Eventually became a documentary film maker for a while in direct response to Tin Tin

Now sees this same tendency in his son. Son wants to be a superhero.

When do we transfer from wanting to be superheroes to wanting to be lawyers…

clearly some of us never do

Lucy: Began studying chinese in college. Thought it was a new interest.

Father finds a picture of her at age 5 trying to draw Chinese characters.

Cheryl: always wanted to travel/ explore as a child.

fulfilled her childhood ambition completely.

Man #1: Always wanted to be an actor. Parents encouraged him to pursue it.

Pursued it until he became a father. Now pursuing the kind of person

he would like to be for his son to look up to and not necessarily what

career. pursuing the realistic as an adult. pursuing the ideal as a child.

We talked about desire to be a certain way (like a good person etc)


Desire to be something…. like actor, surgeon, lawyer etc.

as a child you want to be something as an adult you want to be a certain way

We discussed the idea that at 50 you can look back and see that your life path

was actually determined by the decision of a stoned 16 year old.

You can actually pin point the decisions back to a teenager.

How dangerous that can be to allow your teenage self to determine your “adult” life.

Gabby also discussed the difficulty of voicing her childhood ambitions because

in a way she would be betraying her childhood self if she didn’t accomplish those things

the difference between growing up vs. changing who you are.

We talked about at what age people seemed to lose their childhood ambitions and then

readjust those ambitions for their adult life. Everyone seemed to have different reactions to this.

We also discussed the phenomenon of adjusting ambitions as a child to fit in:

Like if getting good grades made you a nerd, then you’d adjust accordingly

Also discussed stating ambitions that you thought you were supposed to have:

ie. 4th grade English essay about who you’d be

and the response was something you didn’t really want

like married, 3 kids, a house, a job by 23.

Yana discussed the image of her as a child trying to pick up all her toys at once

and ultimately dropping them and crying. Ambitious child.

when does the desires of childhood become ambition?


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Thanks Marc. Awesome note taking.

Comment by Tal

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