Ambition session notes: When do you give up on ambition by kristinmarting
April 16, 2010, 3:38 pm
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Ambition Think Tank, photo by Carl Skutsch

When do you give up on ambition?

notes by Melanie Joseph and Carl Skutsch

When your goals and ambition are working, you don’t even notice

Let go of ambition if you’re beating your head against the wall

In what / when you achieve goals it’s not just the achievement of goals but it won’t feel any different (??)

Everyone is trying to clarify life’s true path

Ambition is tactical and practical, not visionary.  There is a difference between ambition and vision

Success kept coming up in place of ambition

Even Barack Obama must wonder if he’s achieved his ambition and has doubts and fears.

Few people ever achieve their ambition.

Does success achieved = ambition achieved?

Is ambition going beyond success, going beyond happiness?  Is that when you give up on ambition?

Does ambition ever stop?

What is the connection between ambition and winning?

What is the difference between ambition alone and ambition among a group of peers and/or competitors? Which is more painful? Having an audience to stare, criticize, or support? Beyond alone to focus, or to torment yourself?

Do you give up on ambition when it becomes too painful for you, your family, or those around you?

Fred questioned whether ambition would usually ever be negative for those around you? The idea that a strong ambition always gave those around you benefits.  I was skeptical.

What if you are really good at something, but lack the skills to get there?

Ie – What if you’re a good actor, but lack the aggressiveness to get the roles, get your feet in the door.  Or what if you’re a great writer, but are too shy to push your script/novel/work to push in a way that would make it success.

Is fear the opposition of ambition?

Can ambition and family and friends work together?  Are they incompatible with each other?


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