Notes from Ambition – Think Tank #1 (Thanks Andrea Pemberton for recording these) by talyarden
April 27, 2010, 1:01 pm
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Question: Does ambition have to equate with money?

Money toward your project vs. money for you.

Money = the way of keeping track, or you can track with fame, status, etc.


Money is a social system – means to an end after you have money it becomes an end.  After you have enough money it becomes an end.

Process vs. end

Does the end pull you, or does the intention push you

Enjoying the process seems healthier – keeping traveling vs. landing somewhere

Is ambition a contemporary problem?

Rich people’s children lack ambition – is it based on need?

Making a mark on society

Capitalism needs ambition – it is fueled by ambition – within capitalists system – ambition is equated with money but within other systems ambition is equated with other things.

Even in American capitalist system:  Olympians working as waiters – poor but ambitious.  Politicians who want power, but know their jobs aren’t going to necessarily bring in the most dollars.


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