Think Tank # 2 – Happiness May 4th by yanaland
May 6, 2010, 11:57 am
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On May 4th  we gathered to discuss Happiness.  25 People joined together in the Here rehearsal space to delve into Happiness.  We had a lively and engaged conversation, we spoke of personal connections and national ideals, happiness as a product or a process.  Over the next week we will post transcripts of those conversations.  We want to open up this dialogue to our larger community.  We want to know how happiness relates to the American Dream and your relationship to happiness.  Thank you to all who attended, this is a very exciting way to begin a project with such an open forum of valuable ideas.   -yana

Happiness Think Tank Topics Generated

–       Happiness vs. Pollyanna.

–       Happiness vs. Pleasure

–       Is happiness trite as compared to joy?

–       How do we define happiness objectively?

–       Is happiness physical? Emotional? Something else?

–       Is happiness a process or a product?

–       Is happiness influenced by our temperament or astrological sign?

–       Is happiness alone different than happiness in a group?

–       How is your happiness influenced by the happiness of your peers?

–       Where does happiness begin?

–       Medicated happiness

–       Can we still “not worry and be happy?”

–       Is it possible for everyone to be happy?

–       Does rhythm relate to happiness?


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I came out of the think tank believing this about happiness:

As regards basic needs (food, shelter, safety), happiness lies in achieving your goals.

But for more esoteric needs (success, love, power, the American Dream), happiness lies in the pursuit of your goals.

Comment by Liz G

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