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May 13, 2010, 5:04 pm
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Is Happiness a process or a product? (pt 3)

Group: Elenna, Yana, Lara, Byron, Hamilton

Can happiness be had? Is it an attitude? As a Canadian, happiness that gets exported is consumable happiness. Usually through stuff. Cars, clothes.

Maybe we are born with the chemical that creates the potential for happiness.

 Realized happiness was a choice at 18.  I sometimes consciously choose to be happy. I think with practice you can will happiness. So that I guess is a process.

 What about retail therapy.

 60 minutes episode. Denmark is the happiest country. 50% taxes cover expenses that bog down American Dream ideals.

 Is happiness an absence? Like kids with toys. Once the happy thing is defined by something, it gets rejected for something simpler.

 Movement creates happiness. Exercise and being physical helps with happiness.

 Mom did heroine for a long time. The used crack/ cocaine. Then she started getting tired by trying to fill a void, and was forced to find a new happiness. Now she has it. Had to make the choice to rehabilitation helped the choices move towards things that made her happy. The choice, the decision changed the happiness. Like break up sex. You just get tired of it.  Instead of getting high to feed the kids, she didn’t have to do that anymore.

 Is there a universal happiness? Will my happiness be the same in 20 years? 30?

 Happiness is about perspective.

 Essence of perspective is that it is expressed differently- but its how we get there.

 Is there a possibility that some people don’t have the choice to be happy?

 Happiness cannot come from external sources? Anti-depressants allow you to function, but not be happy

 Depression connected to age?  Can happiness just leave us?

 Expectations of age and happiness? 

 Can we be told we’re happy/not happy? 

 Dreams of yesterday lost in today’s world? 

 Things are being lost, happiness connected to communication/communion

Happiness is learned?

 Happiness as survival tool?  Not feel victim to things?

 Happiness rooted in desire?

Friends who don’t want us to be happy?  Don’t believe it?  Think it’s fake.

 Is happiness continuous?

People who drag us down?

Is it easier to be low with others? 

 Happiest with others or alone? 

 America happiness connected to individual happiness rather than communal?

 Denmark homogenous and thus are able to decide upon things more easily. 

 Ants and humans the only species to make war.

 Health care!!!!!!!  Why should I pay for others? 

911 – America did not eat itself apart, connected in tragedy. 

 Competition connected to capitalism

 The carrot of happiness dangled in America is so overwhelming, so powerful.

 Is happiness connected to integrity? 

 How you gonna eat without cash? 

 People need to be productive, is that happiness? 


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