Happiness Think Tank Notes by kristinmarting
June 2, 2010, 4:34 pm
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How is your happiness influenced by the happiness of your peers?

How is happiness alone different than happiness in a group?

-Notes courtesy of Rudy Mungaray

“Happiness is a clearer concept alone. I lose my sense of happiness in a group.”

Empathy toward someone who’s unhappy.

Rub your happiness on others.

In America, we’re expected to be happy all the time. If we aren’t, something must be wrong with me.

Happiness’ connection to culture? Advertisements are a facade, makes everyone on the outside seem happy.

The individual matters in America- we are individually responsible.

The idea: I want to support rich people because one day I might be one.

Long term happiness breeds resilience. “pursuit of happiness” keeps us enslaved. it is an activity.

Bonobo society.

60’s ideal man found in John Wayne/James Bond is part of the cult of individualism conservative pop culture denies the community- denies the fact that other people affect individual happiness and they’re responsible to the group. the idea of the individual against all odds.

happiness reference in pop culture like American Idol is a part of social Darwinism.

We’re sold a package- each package is different.

satisfaction v. happiness?

consuming is opposite of happiness. Chemical released when we purchase things.

“Couldn’t be happy on my own.”

“Happiness can be very contagious.”


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