Equality Think Tank # 4 – Equal Access – Is there still a public common? As for our parents. by kristinmarting
September 8, 2010, 2:28 pm
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Is there still a public common?  Equal education?

The public common is about sharing with others and having a responsibility to those around you

Our country used to think that we had to have equal access for the country to be strong

Now people are out for their own interests

America changed from a community to isolation and inequality

Common space, for instance public parks, fosters interactions

With reliance on automobile, we feel more isolated

Coney island, as an example, has the feeling of commonality that other places have lost

Factors that may make public space feel less natural are policing of public space (depending on the neighborhood) and that rules for public space trickle down from political sources

In Europe there is more of a sense of sharing- they’re used to it

There is somewhat of a contradictory feeling that our country is civilized which means we won’t have public access to things like health care

Individual families plan their lives around getting into the best educational services

Helicopter parents very concerned with children’s education, providing expensive tutoring

State and standardized tests require that all students are able to know certain things at a certain age

Metrics of bureaucrats establishing common standards are deadly- they put constraints on the imagination, creativity and turn children into themselves

There is politicized equality and “Equality Branding”

Does equality mean sameness?

We grow in different ways

Will not be equal output

Mythic equality

Obama used as example of equality in our country- perpetuating the idea that we have accomplished equality at the highest level

Equality and the American Dream- was that the not so fast learners can still have a place

Now the dream is that “I will be rich”

Idea of not having to work- lining the pockets of rich

Artist do not have access to money except through the rich and have to hold tongue about the disparity of rich and poor to have whatever access they do have

Have a right to be rich at others expense

How do we change?

Inform people of their access – children and parents have no support to know the opportunities out there

Commonality needs to stop thinking about rich people

Internationalism will foster commonality

Making decisions based on the common good- not easy to do- equal access to politicians and decision making process

Want Equal access to:



-Health Care

-Ocean- shoreline

-Environment free of advertisements



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