Equality Think Tank # 4 – Freedom vs. Equality by kristinmarting
September 13, 2010, 2:13 pm
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  • Freedom vs. Equality

    Airport Security – free to travel – but to do that have to submit to checks, etc

    Is there too much freedom?  Tea party/libertarianism – “you can’t tell me what to do”

    Libertarianism vs. Anarchy – same?

    Protesters throwing rocks – personal freedom but not community

    Anarchy?  Definition – Exercising personal freedom brings everyone to the same point – not true?

    Doesn’t work – just as free market doesn’t work

    But people are inherently not equal- flawed, social reasons

    Role of government- to do something that individual would not

    Government- inefficient

    Freedom of expression – did it increase? personal liberty inalienable right

    Different countries- different ideas of freedom – concepts of what the word means

    When does one person’s experience of freedom hurt the community

    Freedom to push button – how far will we go to get freedom – hurt people, violence

    Nazi march in Illinois

    Kansas church group protesting at soldier’s funeral

    Evolutionary change of thought – uncomfortable

    Freedom can be taught.  When to open to other beliefs, when to hold your own

    American dream – self reliant?

    Personal freedom doesn’t work without tolerance

    Too much freedom = personal thing

    not enough

    Equality = social thing

    Supreme court is advertising freedom of speech

    Power is disciplinary

    By not having fear- are you more free….

    Or are police – actually scared by the gun policies

    Freedom for all – not possible

    We are not homogenous

    We are flawed

    Female in 70s far more free – changed her thought processes

    Is freedom possible without fear?

    Idea of freedom changes – people grow up with that changed environment

    Is the world moving toward greater freedom?  Not sure.

    Rediscovering fears they didn’t know they had

    Freedom in flux

    Resistance – single headed dragon

    Feel less free – more riots/against religious heads

    Student Demos

    Weather Underground

    Does violence turn us against them?

    Act without fear

    Communism/Socialism – Violence creates backlash

    Boom and bust freedom cycle?

    Violent revolution with mass support

    Civil rights movement parallel – celebrates freedom

    Culture leads to different views of freedom

    Equality is different in different cultures

    Christian beliefs – ready to fight

    Fight for freedom – with or without violence

    Passover – celebrate freedom – positive reaction to trauma

    Fear/oppression upon Obama’s election? Did he campaign for equality?

    Internet- macrocosm of freedom?  Fewer rules in the virtual world than the “real” world


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