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October 25, 2010, 10:51 am
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Off to work at Baruch today continuing our residency for Lush Valley. Last week we tried out a fun exercise as we took turns interviewing one another from a set list of questions based on out 8 central tenets. These simple yet ambiguous questions cut to the core of what people think of when they imagine Freedom, express Hope, or consider Honor, etc. This was done with a simple camera setup in an isolated closet. We had a great time watching the live feed on projector. I am editing the footage to watch with the wonderful group of collaborators. I keep looking for the most basic, simplistic, unifying human experience that might illuminate the american dream. Right now I’ve landed on “threshold” – we’ll see where that leads.   – Tal


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Will you be streaming any of the footage of these interviews? Would love to see them. Also, curious if you’re doing anything more with Raisin in the Sun. Seems to fit so directly into all the themes you’ve been discussing.

Comment by Susanna Speier

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