Honor Think Tank #5 – Military Honor vs. War Resistance by kristinmarting
November 30, 2010, 4:01 pm
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Military Honor vs. War Resistance

Fighting for America

Vets Returning

-Soldiers as human beings: giving themselves for their country, confusion about what that means

-Grand experiment of being American: Don’t have a good idea of honor, an anchoring idea of honor

Fighting for markets

based on false promise

-Cultural expectation as a male: subtle, not so subtle need to be in tune as a man, in tune with violence

born expected to have to kill someone

honor is not violent

-Several vets against war

-Vietnam changed the values of what honor in war is about

-Old ideas carrying into new ideas

-Honor is an external vs internal thing

honor in war starts internal and ends external (badges, metals, bumper stickers, etc)

-Cultural  bribe: you obtain honor simply by joining the military and you lose it when you run away or choose not to fight.

-Standing up for what you believe in, Military as the opposite-not an individual, taught not to think

Honor as currency

-Do you only deserve honor if you win?

-Vets knowing what they’ve done isn’t honorable, but being honored anyway.

Vets coming back-having to live with regular people again after having gone through what they’ve been through.

-Vietnam vets were at first honored, but were slowly turned to villains.

-Honor has become a projection of everyone ELSE, not yourself.

Being part of a society, it becomes your duty to serve.

What’s our choice, what’s our obligation

-Never an ebb & flow with the military, has always remained to same.


LUSH VALLEY Think Tank #6 – Hope by kristinmarting
November 28, 2010, 3:13 pm
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Join us for our sixth of eight community THINK TANK sessions on Sunday, December 5 from 3pm-6pm which will delve into the concept of HOPE . These Think Tanks are open to the public and are a cross between Town Hall and Open Space format. We are looking to have a diverse group of folks at each event – we are looking for artists, alternative thinkers, educators, activists, social workers, HR, lawyers, parents, politicians and anyone else who is interested. Please come – and if you know someone who fits this description and might enjoy this event, please forward.

This is our last think tank until February or March!

Please note: this event will be held at HERE’s Rehearsal Space, 75 Varick at Canal Street. Please bring ID for entry into building.

If you would like to attend, please email to rsvp.

Honor Think Tank #5 – Does Duty=Sacrifice? by kristinmarting
November 17, 2010, 4:02 pm
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Does duty = sacrifice
Duty fulfilled
America vs military culture

If honor is about sacrifice
America is about rewards
So honor American

Buildings and grounds is about serving for reward, respect, a sense of pride

Honor from Judaic christian tradition

Following rules gives reward to a few, and a philosophical reward for most

Honor, duty, responsibility, are they different

Responsibility is practical, duty is higher, more philosophical

Honor in poker, not cheating

Honor as in a code, or honor as in being honored, receiving honors (rewards, medals)

Honor is particularly male in America

Sacrifice to save the family (lost in a snowstorm) is honorable

Respect for young kids means showing them respect, their honor doesn’t require then sacrifice

I think we got distracted by the idea of honors and being honored

Honor Think Tank #5 – What Does Honor Mean? by kristinmarting
November 16, 2010, 6:05 pm
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What does honor mean?
Listening to an inner voice – should I be or not? Should I be doing this? Doing the right thing
Am I living authentically?
Honor as correlative to honesty – truthfulness

It honors the music. It is true to it, it is inspired by and in concert with.

Is Iraq an honorable war? Why sign up to be a murderer? Army is only way to find other options for education or a way to a different life

Honor to serve your country –

Already killed something so killing people

Integrity as it relates to honor –

Personal honor and a more geo honor

Oath – active bind, loss of freedom to act as free man w

Honor sacrifice vs being honored – a reward

Think Tank #5-HONOR, November 12th by kristinmarting
November 15, 2010, 6:58 pm
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On November 12th we gathered at the HERE Rehearsal Space and generated a list of topics in relation to Honor and how it fits into our concept of the American Dream.  The conversation allowed us to express our multiple perspectives on the meaning of Honor and how the idea translates to our every day lives.  Thank you to all who attended and the thoughts you shared.

Honor Think Tank Topics Generated:

-Honor vs. Bushido: our different cultures views on Honor

-Fighting for America, Vets returning

-Military Honor vs. War Resistance

-Sacrifice, Duty, Tradition


-OATHS: Your “word of”


-Why we Honor our groud

-Honor vs. Blatant Disregard

Honor to Serve, Public SErvice



-Paying for namesake (i.e. “in Honor of’)

-Poor Definition of Honor (lack of definition)

-Honor Killing

-Old Fashioned Marriage: Virginity vs. Slutiness

-Honor vs. Dignity

-Duty Fulfilled=Reward

Honor by kristinmarting
November 11, 2010, 10:59 am
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If there are going to be people out there making war on other people, don’t you think it’s a good idea for some of those people to at least follow a code of ethics? Not ‘honor’ but something you can pin down and be sure of, something with the same rules for everybody.  – Mercedes Lackey

Honor by kristinmarting
November 5, 2010, 11:00 am
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Honor is like an island, rugged and without shores; once we have left it, we can never return.           –Nicolas Boileau