Honor Think Tank #5 – Military Honor vs. War Resistance by kristinmarting
November 30, 2010, 4:01 pm
Filed under: American Dream, Honor

Military Honor vs. War Resistance

Fighting for America

Vets Returning

-Soldiers as human beings: giving themselves for their country, confusion about what that means

-Grand experiment of being American: Don’t have a good idea of honor, an anchoring idea of honor

Fighting for markets

based on false promise

-Cultural expectation as a male: subtle, not so subtle need to be in tune as a man, in tune with violence

born expected to have to kill someone

honor is not violent

-Several vets against war

-Vietnam changed the values of what honor in war is about

-Old ideas carrying into new ideas

-Honor is an external vs internal thing

honor in war starts internal and ends external (badges, metals, bumper stickers, etc)

-Cultural  bribe: you obtain honor simply by joining the military and you lose it when you run away or choose not to fight.

-Standing up for what you believe in, Military as the opposite-not an individual, taught not to think

Honor as currency

-Do you only deserve honor if you win?

-Vets knowing what they’ve done isn’t honorable, but being honored anyway.

Vets coming back-having to live with regular people again after having gone through what they’ve been through.

-Vietnam vets were at first honored, but were slowly turned to villains.

-Honor has become a projection of everyone ELSE, not yourself.

Being part of a society, it becomes your duty to serve.

What’s our choice, what’s our obligation

-Never an ebb & flow with the military, has always remained to same.


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