Honor Think Tank #5 – Honor in old fashioned marraige: Virginity vs. Slutiness by kristinmarting
December 1, 2010, 10:00 am
Filed under: American Dream, Honor
Corporate whistleblowers 

Once you’re caught then you care about it

Honor has to do with sex in America – is it about privacy ?

Double standard btw men and women – good girl bad girl virgin slut

Judgment from other women about women

Date as many people as possible to find what you want

Why not multiple partners ok in America ? Honor in monogamy why?

If you both agree to see other people! Then that’s honorable – it needs to be mutual agreement

Spitzer documentary

Cyber bullied. – Accusation of sluttery

Cheating is dishonorable

Cheating is ok in some sports –

Public opinion dictating how you feel about yourself

Honor has to do with responsibility – you have honor
Support your family

We don’t have a code of honor but you know it when you see it

Church and temple offer guidelines for these ethical codes

We live in a culture of tolerance – respect people’s differences

No american code of honor – but there are regional codes of honor

Code of honor comes from internal stuff from your parents

Multiplicity of cultures makes that different codes of ethics

Honor feels like old word

Packaged perspective

Honor in gender relationships
Honesty between genders
Honor is being gentlemanly, for woman as well as men

Modern hookup, lay culture in current America is not honorable.  It is inherently selfish, while honor requires sacrifice.

Is honor the shared rules of a culture, or is it something higher, more restrictive than the normal rules, more restrictive than the normal rules

Is honor in America harder to figure out because we have all these different religious / cultural traditions.

Different attitudes towards honoring the flag (folding properly etc) in heartland America or in cynical New York.

What are the physical manifestations of honor? (flags, uniforms?)

Taking advantage of people is dishonorable (and that’s very America)


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