Think Tank # 6 – Hope : Subtopic Notes – Hope as a Hook for Religion by kristinmarting
December 20, 2010, 4:00 pm
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Hope as a Hook for Religion -one of three  subtopics at our most recent think tank – here are the notes from the conversation:

Believing in a positive outcome. Hope is the outcome, not the beginning.

-Many religions are very controversial and violent, hope is not. Except in Hinduism, Buddhism, etc, which doorways to hope. Why the difference?

-How do you pin down hope? How do you access it when it’s not a tangible thing?

-Hope is a world view

-What’s the difference between wish and hope? Wish has no time, Hope has a destination

-In ASL, the sign for Hope starts from within us, where faith and wish are directed above us.

-Hope as currency: A woman who was persuaded to give all of her money to a Televagenlist’s ministry and when she won the lottery with her last dollar, they said it was the grace of God, blessing her for giving all she had.

-Hope can be capitalized upon: it can be changed, morphed, and used to do what you need it to.

-Hope and Faith are cousins: Faith = negative? Hope = positive?

-Humanity: Hope is distinctly human

-Do animals have hope?

-Are there different levels of hope? 7 levels of Hell, 7 levels of Heaven? Is hope = heaven?

-Religions are all on the path to the top of the mountain, but they’re fighting along the way.

-Easy to wish to be good, helpful, loving people. Yet it’s hard to hope for it.

-Is Hope a bi-product of dependency?

-Hope as a means of survival, the only way some can survive is by having hope:

-“Consider the lily’s of the valley…” –> Lily’s will always survive there, because of the nutrients they’ll always be taken care of. This verse is meant to inspire hope via a survival story.

-Herman Melville’s idea of sharks: they’ll always find a way to get by.

-Tammy Fey, and like minded televagenlists manipulating hope in order to meet their standard of survival.

-Do you have hope when you’re on your last leg of survival? –> Deserted Island scenario.

-Be careful with your hope: Blind faith is dangerous

-It’s a commodity, precious: not to be given away indiscriminately

-Soul is your peaceful inner space.

-If all our needs are met, there’s no need to Hope: Need vs. Want. If it came from lack or yearn, then it’s less discriminate where to go with hope.

-Hope linked to fear. risk.

-Religion as a way to manage hope

-Hope is a choice.


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