Think Tank # 6 – Hope : subtopic notes: Future vs Past – False Inspiration or True Motivation by kristinmarting
December 22, 2010, 3:22 pm
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Future vs Past – False Inspiration or True Motivation – notes from one of our three subtopics from our most recent think tank —

Hope in terms of time
Feeling feelings of past
Bring those to presents
It’s about that thing you want that’s just beyond your grasp
Attaining the unattainable
Myth of Prometheus
Gift of fire
Gift was taken away
This myth gave us concept of hope
Story of 23 homeless girl that wants to put herself through college and raise kids
Concept of ambition vs hope
Hope involves a disadvantage
Ambition has negative connotation
Ambition is active
What do you hope for
Hope involves immaterial goals and desires
Outside of your sole control
Involves other people to achieve
Post on Facebook I never had an expectation of those around me so I’ll never be disappointed
Hope is vulnerable
Putting it out there that there is something beyond your control
Does the concept of hope exist in other cultures
Concept of hope after fall of communism
Hope tied to capitalism and way to better your circumstances
Bush preached pull yourself up by your bootstraps but came from wealth
Obama pulled himself up, then used hope in campaign as collective yes we can
Concept of hope in American dream is contradiction
Individual vs society
Article in new yorker about artists that become artists late in life
Narrative not as sexy because we like to believe in magic
Hope as seed for ambition
Hope is very emotional
Hope is subjective
Hope fading as you get older
Hope as powerful tool for good, not evil
When does hope become insanity
False aspiration vs true motivation
Depends on the pathways taken
Blind ambition and moby dick, captain ahab
How far will you go for one principle
Dreaming wishing hoping planning doing
Govt doesn’t want you to have hope in the govt
Entitlement as it relates to hope
If you have food water shelter you can hope for bigger things
If you don’t have that, you have to hope for food water shelter
After depression, period of affluence that still exists
Home ownership more common
Access increased with mortgages
Now recession brings that into question
Government created the housing industry to replace war industry with gi bill
Hopes become selfish with this type of materialism
A dream deferred explodes
What turns hope negative
Hope as function of time
Hope can be sustaining
Hope as it relates to socioeconomic status
This affects what we hope for
Hope becomes a staircase
Once you achieve what you hope for, focus on the next hope and achieve that
Is hope about attaining control?
Hope that you will move forward toward financial security
Hope that you can give your wife the best life possible
Hope for surrounding yourself with people that happy are pursuing their dreams
Hope for your children to do well socially
Hope for your work to be seen in broader circles
Hope for art work to intersect with people and getting them to think about ideas
American dream has value if we can find our way back to these core values and their true values
Hope for community
Deflation of hope after Obama campaign
Does Obama concept of hope involve entitlement
Hope on small scale is more successful and ties into large scale long term hopes
Global hope
Interdependence summit in new York
Arts are an integral part of bridging gaps and promoting interdependence
Global hope as it involves environment
Do you need the possibility to fail to have hope

Is hope for peace less with no draft – soldiers not sons of
Mandatory draft fpr armed or civil service – true community service
Where is the cross pollination of humanity –

Men who stare at goats – docu-film

Hope is an ambition for safety and peace

Rally to restore sanity
Gave sense of hope that govt might hear us


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