Think Tank #7 – Opportunity: Subtopic Notes: How does opportunity relate to time? by kristinmarting
February 10, 2011, 11:19 pm
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Opportunity as dependent on time – “Seize the opportunity” “Miss an opportunity”

Is there lasting opportunity?

How do you sustain opportunity? Can you?

What does it mean to be born into opportunity? Opportunity through effort. You have to be courageous. Now is your chance. Opportunistic carries a negative connotation. Opportunity is something you create.

Sacrifice. How are you willing to live you life in order to gain the opportunity you want?

Does opportunity have to be taught? An opportunity to learn opportunity.

Planting seeds.

Is opportunity a product of environment?

Creating your own work- creates more opportunities- work begets work

The metaphysical application to it- put your energy out there

It’s all around like the weather

Opportunity is what you make it.

It is always there

A leap of faith

Visualize opportunity

How is perspective related to opportunity?

Bogged down- what it should be- what peers tell us- vs. what’s there

Many live with regret they “never did what they wanted to do” couldn’t get the gumption, they were waiting depending on someone else

Technology waters down the humanity of opportunity/Technology highlights the humanity of opportunity.

Turning over a rock as a child, to see the magic hidden life beneath.


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