Lush Valley March Workshop: Monday 3/14 by kristinmarting
March 16, 2011, 6:56 pm
Filed under: American Dream, Events, Happiness, Opportunity, Research

During rehearsal today we continued to look at freedom of religion, and we discussed the idea that surfaces in much of our religious research – religious tolerance. Tal brought up that the ideal would be for religions to respect other religions, and that religious tolerance is just guaranteeing the smallest possible amount of respect for other religion. We also discussed the varying degrees of practicing a religion, with daily, weekly, and seasonal practices along with a basic morality.

We then began working on the second phase of the American Dream, which explores the freedoms outlined in the Declaration of Independence, “the charter of the American Dream.”  The tenets that we are focusing on for this section of the work are HAPPINESS and OPPORTUNITY.  We read the Declaration, and then the actors worked with an exercise Yana created. She broke the phrases of the Declaration into three everyday situations – declarations a child would make to a mother as they leave home, declarations a wronged lover would make while breaking up with her partner, and declarations an employee would make to their boss when quitting. We then expanded the exercise so that each of the actors wrote personal declarations of independence for their characters – these ended up being extremely well-written, and often hilarious.

While the actors were writing these, the rest of the group researched the Boston Tea Party, Naomi Klein’s book No Logo, and modern displays of social activism including Reverend Billy and the Shop of Stop Shopping, Billionares for Bush, Anonymous, The Yes Men, Registered Trademark, and Next Five Minutes. This research was geared toward an exercise in which the Lush Valley characters will create their own piece of creative activism about a subject the Immigration Officers can reach consensus on.

Really exciting to investigate themes as large as independence and religion both broadly and very personally.


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