Lush Valley March Workshop: Tuesday 3/15 by kristinmarting
March 18, 2011, 10:13 pm
Filed under: Ambition, American Dream, Events, Research

Today we started by finishing the second phase of the workshop, which focused on the Declaration of Independence and the tenet of FREEDOM. The Lush Valley immigration  officers discussed different possibilities for a potential creative protest, involving everything from shoes to flowers. They talked about the frustrations that today’s generation faces with the concept of protest, in an age when the idea of creating any real social change in America feels extremely challenging. They also discussed the cyclical nature of the American Dream—that when a generation creates a certain amount of social change, their children don’t have that experience of being able to fight for social justice.

After wrapping up that exercise, we moved on to the third phase of Cullen’s American Dream and dove into the concept of upward mobility (economic and/or social advancement). The tenet for this section of the work is AMBITION. We researched 2-3 person scenes from various plays and novels, and brought them to the table to explore the different relationships involved in the competitive workplace. Next, we did some team building exercises for the Lush Valley officers. In the first exercise, each officer wrote three self-descriptive adjectives, and then their fellow officers matched those adjectives with each officer’s name. Following this, each officer came up with a fourth adjective for every officer. In the second exercise, each officer simply answered questions that revealed something about their character, such as “If you could ask one question to determine whether someone should be leader of Lush Valley, what would it be?”

We ended the day with an exercise that involved each actor researching videos from TED conferences that promote a certain idea or philosophy, and then creating a “TED speech” from their characters point of view that advocates for the success of an important idea or philosophy.


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