Think Tank #8: Topic Notes: Challenge of Community in an Urban Setting by kristinmarting
March 19, 2011, 2:21 pm
Filed under: American Dream, Community, Events, Research


The challenge of community in a large urban setting like NYC
How do you create & sustain community?
Who are the poeople in your neighborhood?
Do you have a community?


-Meeting so many people in NY, not being able to remember them
-Most of the people you meet you have short experiences and then you have to be on your way
-Being in theater we have a lot of intense connection, but then they’re gone.
-An ethereal nature to NY, especially within the theater community
– More doesn’t necessarily mean deeper
-Just because we meet more people in a day, doesn’t mean we’d like to know all of them forever
-The different communities one has and what it’s like if they interact
-Family vs friends
-High school vs college
-Where do you seek community?
– You find it within your own personality. Cut your own path.
– Individual creates the community
-The architecture of keeping a community together

  • Church, sharing once a week
  • Art NY Christmas party
  • Creating that structure of seeing each other and maintaining that
  • Even facebook provides one, even if a superficial one

– Not realizing the community is there until one reaches out to it.
– Feeling safe, community as a place where you feel safe.

  • Geography
  • Heightened level of need
  • Maybe more apparent in an urban setting such as NY

– Do we connect more to strangers bc there is so many differences amongst us.
– Community as an idea, not necessarily about people
– Sometimes you forget about it, sometimes you don’t want it, sometimes needing it – it
feels good to know it’s there.
– No one can really define what commnunity is.
– There are times when I feel connected and times when, even I choose, to be alienated.
– NY is a community of black sheep
– Being welcomed by a group of people that understand what it is you yourself understand
– Community is a place where you don’t have to start at zero
– What we experience in the theatrical world (saying we’ll have lunch soon and it never happens) is seen as hypocritical.
– Shortcut to communication
– 100% commitment within a community is a cult


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