Think Tank #8: Group Discussion Notes by kristinmarting
March 25, 2011, 3:14 pm
Filed under: American Dream, Community, Events, Research


-“this generation” is much more available to info and experience.

–            losing the signals within inflection in emails, facebook, etc.

–             diminishing of what it is to be human than enlarging

  • Still define what we mean by “generation”

o   Baby boomers, etc

  • Future shock

o   In 5 yrs we’ll experience what most people experience in a lifetime.

o   The generation gaps are shortening.

  • Hot spot vs paying rent

o   Technology affects community? Telephone came in to play and there’s a huge element that affects community.

  • How education is taking over our community

o   Social interaction vs taking classes online

  • Community is space – a place where we can meet each other and a commonality can be discovered
  • When you’re alone and suddenly there’s community

o   Rugged individualism

  • Spantaneous moment of community (a la subway)
  • Self indentify

o   Disturbing to be connected via physicality, gender, race, etc

  • Private parks – having to have a key to get in
  • Trying hard to isolate yourself from everyone else

o   Rules and bi-laws for suburban communities

  • RAT community – theatres from across the counry and internationally, formed by whomever came by, came by as they are, who they are. Came about as the advent of internet – email, website. To always meet once a year.

o   A lot of collaborations came about from that comminuty

o   Being inclusive as opposed to exclusive

  • Community can identify itself by who it excludes

o   Gated community as a mechanism of control

§  If you’re not this, than you’re not allowed

§  Does your community have a boundary

o   Isolate yourself from a community that you think you should be a part of, because you don’t think you belong


o   Going in, knowing you’re going to die

o   They’re going to get exposed, yet they HAVE to do something

o   Same batteries in Japan to save what’s going on are 1/3 the strength of what they have. So if we have the same activity, we’re already fucked.

o   No control

o   How do we define bravery for ourselves and for our community

§  In the face of pure danger, how am I going to save them

§  What can we do?

o   Forward thinking, dangers of nuclear power plants.

o   In the face of danger we have to be super-conscious

o   Relinquishing ourselves to a helplessness about Japan

o   Michigan and Ohio

  • Rebuild the American Dream

o   Support for the unions

o   Earning a living wage

  • Even then we don’t have to go very far, happening in NY.

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