Think Tank #8: Topic Notes: Community via Technology by kristinmarting
April 7, 2011, 2:37 pm
Filed under: American Dream, Community, Events, Research

Community via Technology

-Online Community

-Social Networking

-Global Community



-Does social networking create community or just reinforce existing ones?

-Can we depend on our “online friends”?

-Online communities create ways for people to find each other over common interests and then form communities in real life

-Global community has really taken off since the advent of international television news coverage

-Now people are using Facebook to organize revolutions (Egypt, etc.)

-Has online interaction taken the importance off of personal interaction?

-Is the “new generation” losing interpersonal communication skills because they are communicating with each other more and more through computers? Or does online communication just serve as an extra platform, not an alternative?

-Online dating has become more and more successful, but again, is it making people less likely to approach each other in public?  Are people going to lose their “flirting skills” eventually?

-Online classes: while not as personal, are they effective without face-to-face interaction?  Might depend on how you learn.

-Online classes take the social aspect out of the learning process; working with your peers to reach solutions, team building, etc.