The Playwrights’ Center Community Think Tank Notes: Group 3 by kristinmarting
July 25, 2011, 11:36 am
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-Picket Fence, Dream of American Dream

-Is Dream Urban & Rural, living simply

-Do we have to prioritize transit strategies?



-Urban sophisticate folks chasing an idea of simplicity, rural people have those choices made for them because of poverty.

-Rich people have the luxury to buy land and farm and thus become neighbors

-We idealize a concept of rural, local, community then feel guilty because of luxuriating in a fantasy. Wonder what I can get locally at market,

-Meet farmer day in produce section.

-Riding the bus – seeing people of different classes. Being exposed to simpler, rougher.

-Civil service to work on farms as an idea, and everyone should spend time cleaning up city

-My film teacher instructed us to work on farms

-City living is better for earth, so what is urban paradigm, urban farming, gardening, csa’s, farmers markets, hydroponic gardening

-We’ve been obsessed that comfort, leisure is everything so farming. Going to a market didn’t make sense. We painted ourselves into a corner and now we are trying to find our way out. We changed what simple meant. 5 ingredient ice cream

-Is it fashion or is it a solution. Corporations manufacture desire, always fighting that. Naiveté as human race when given al these options suddenly technology, pesticides, etc.

-More people getting older, wanting to downsize and live with convenience of urban environment.

-American dream is based on comfort, and I think it’s wrong but don’t know why.

-Seeing 2 or 3 generation household. Again – a reversion to past ways.

-Pride about getting out, moving on discovering new life in a new place

-Picket fence, clean and well maintained, symbolic of land claim, this is mine. A good fence makes a good neighbor, lawn, close to neighbor, Norman Rockwell,

-Simplicity, not having too much, not needing a car

-In America holding things privately seems simpler than holding things communally

-Privacy is very important to us

-Communities dictating rules, like Celebration or Coral Gables, personal private property is at the core of our foundation

-Privacy is changing. Do you need a picket fence if you post everything to Facebook?

-Is Facebook the new picket fence community? Idealistic idea that internet would reduce bias. But internet also allows us to make our communities more homogenous, easy to sift through and close out what you don’t want to see. Easy to isolate oneself from who we don’t want to associate and reach across geographic boundaries to find people we share ideals with.

-Presenting a certain face to society. Feeling safe with difference. We can accept it on a bus because we are all trying to get somewhere. But in our immediate communities we are more intolerant, uncomfortable with difference. “I’m suppose to be ok with everyone’s difference and express that authentically but that’s not always the case.”

-We get pre-emptively protective – “I’m ok with you but I need the fence to make me secure with that.”

-Having less makes things easier. With more possessions life gets more complexity but bombarded by.

-Wealthy people idealize the fashion of poverty. Paying a lot of money to look like one is poor or can make do with very little. Is simplicity being appropriated by wealthy.


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