July 26, 2011, 3:39 pm
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Representation – Power to change – Evolving civil rights – gay marriage, changing minorities, new ideas about family, divorce
Example of person trying to get divorced for 6 yr divorce -because gay marriage in vt and straight marriage in ny

How much do you need to change in a script to express a gay couple vs straight couple

Staunch republican changing his position on gay marriage

Legislative passage of gay rights not popular referendum
Overcome majority cause right thing to do

Why Morally driven national referendums don’t happen – is it still as a result of the fallout of the civil war – legislators feel more comfortable letting local communities decide rather than sending it down from on high

Default on our US debt -it would have been unthinkable in the past but the schism is creating a vacuum of leadership

How is it right not to raise taxes and pay for what we need?  It relates to this American  assumptive structure.

I deserve this – entitlements – this house, vacation
idea of what my life is supposed to be as opposed to what I can actually afford
Why is there an absence of fear of consequences

Tea Party – misinformed but so big and capable of serious damage

Is the current state good? We are almost rock bottom and that will be the way to move to better place.

Stunning the people who vote agst their own  interest

Pledge allegiance to the republican party

why is their only two party system?

How to vote?
Vote democrat or for a woman –
research everyone on the ballot -the smallest office

What tribe do you want to belong to? What does it mean to feel part of that tribe? How do you see yourself? I am this kind of person and they speak my language.

Politics is The big game.  Every time you play you are impacting the lives of millions.

We live in the land where anyone can be president (as long as you are born here)

You come to America to be exceptional.

Today’s  American dream seems to be I can be anything regardless of talent or skill. But is that accurate or a fantasy?

If your philosophy is we shouldn’t interfere with each other’s rights, then Don’t get into anyone’s business.
How does a gay marriage btw 2 people impact you?

Heavy reliance on concept of competition  is of utmost  value – heavy emphasis on  winning.

Today,  Competition has even  moved into realms of truth and fact.

Competition has good elements too – inspires hard work and creativity.

Sense of individual power as opposed to group responsibility.

US aspires to be a bad ass.  Not Canada bad ass.

If the us was a person, it seems like we  started to develop a conscience and care about people (civil rights, etc)   but how do  reconcile that with recent efforts to keep taxes low corporations

how far are we departing from that In these last 30 years

No respect for elders – no love of wisdom rather celebration of new.

infrastructure of roads vs mass transit -mistaken investments

Progression from ownership as core value to renting
Net flix,spotify,  subscription – models of renting instead of owning

No one should own it.

Temporal seems to be becoming a core value now –
Rent your home,  date but not marry,  divorce.

Dan savage column about infidelity

Should we accept infidelity as a natural part of a monogamous relationship –

Who decides the terms of your relationship – your partner or society?

What is difference btw physical bond vs emotional bond?

We all seem to need to dictate others relationships  because of Fear – if someone else does it, my husband will do it to me

Fear based culture.

Open relationship where all is agreed upon and it is happy not painful
as opposed to
Supposed monogamous relationship with cheating

Bringing STD s to your long term partner is  bad.

Men propulgating the species
Women emotional bond, Take care of kids.
Are we totally programming?

Open marriage doesn’t work with assholes.


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