Lush Valley 8/4 – 8/6 by kristinmarting
August 7, 2011, 4:25 am
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Thursday afternoon we staggered through the entire play.  A few people were invited as audience members to watch the skeletal structure of what’s been created in the last week and a half take form, and, my goodness, it was a wonderful thing to witness.  As an intern I have been watching each scene being rehearsed individually so it was a marvelous thing to see all these teeny tiny scenes suddenly slot together into this huge theatrical moment!  The bare bones are definitely there and are a great, informative structure to work with over the next few weeks.

Friday morning we worked on Jason and Miguel’s scene, finding the different colours and rhythms inside it.  There is some great humour here as the two characters are juxtapositions to each other and we played with Jason’s naive banter that does not seem so well received by Miguel.  Great fun!  We then worked on Miguel’s lecture experimenting with gestures that had already been chosen and adding a few more.  We experimented with the changing rhythms in the text as one danger with the gestures is they can take over the text instead of complimenting it; but it was captivating to watch as the physical gestures really draw you into the text.

Saturday we worked on Kim and Miguel’s scenes and delved deeper into the text, exploring its subtext.  We also rehearsed the scenes using a ‘melodrama run’ to see if there were anymore discoveries with breaking the genre of the piece ; however, we soon discovered it was already in the scenes, just extremely understated!  Thursday afternoon’s stumble through brought to light some staging issues in another scene that was intended for the Public Office space, so today we worked on re-staging this scene and moving it to the Break Room instead.


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