Lush Valley Rehearsals 8/8 – 8/10 by lushvalleycollaborator
August 10, 2011, 10:07 pm
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It’s so great to be taking second passes at each scene without scripts in hands, it’s giving each character as well as Kristin to find the little nuances that are lost when someone is constantly looking at a script. We’ve discovered some really great subtle humor and from that humor, I’ve found a concern and a wanting to know these characters more as people. I think it’s going to make the moments when they have to put on their officer mask seem even more official, which is exciting to see the dichotomy in each.

On Tuesday, we had one of those rare rehearsals with the whole cast! We made a few changes to both of the gesture dances as well as the “Shit Hits the Fan” scene that sets up for the character of Ernie to break out into “Suspicious Minds”. But all-in-all I felt like we moved fairly smoothly and got a bit of work done. One of the most exciting things about collaboration is the large number of ideas that come up and really being able to pick and choose what the best one is! I’d say one of the more frazzling moments of collaboration is the large number of ideas that come up! Although, I’ve always felt like working on these whole cast moments is like working in an office – it may be frustrating from time to time, but you know everyone is working towards a similar goal, which in the end makes it all worth it. Plus, it’s an excellent exercise in dealing with co-workers!

I think we’ve had a great couple of 3 days, getting some definite shape to the piece as a whole and pumping up for the run thru next week!


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