Lush Valley 8/15-8/17 by lushvalleycollaborator
August 17, 2011, 11:33 pm
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We’ve been continuing with our work on each scene, trying to find every bit of meat and potatoes there is within each. But more importantly, we’ve become completely enamored with the idea of YOU, the audience! From intakes, to think tanks, evem to rewriting our Lush Valley Oath of Allegiance, we’ve been searching through those parts where your voice gets to be heard and how we can best utilize it in our new nation! Taking each tenet of Lush Valley and dividing them amongst our officers, we’re excited to listen to what you think about them and their association within the Oath of Allegiance. What’s good? What’s bad? Or maybe even a different word choice? It’s important that you get to take ownership of what you’re about to pledge as a new citizen! We also worked a lot with the camera’s eye monologues within the intake section of the show, figuring what would happen if our audience members preferred to start a conversation than just listen to what the actor has to say.

It’s not often when you get to interrupt an actor in a show and tell them how to do their job. Well, now’s your chance! What would you say to your immigration officer if you had the chance?


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