Beginning Tech!
September 2, 2011, 10:59 pm
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We’ve been doing some immense refining over the course of this week. With some major improvements in the dances, in songs, and script we are now down to fine-tuning this huge instrument we’ve created, just in time to begin tech-ing! Just being on set has already changed the dynamic; it now feels like a true office where all the paperwork and uniforms and the badges are validated. On top of this, the technology that seemed at times impossible to imagine in the rehearsal space, is breathing a new and exciting life into the show! We still have some big steps to take, but it does feel as though Lush Valley is welcoming its officers!


Lush Valley 8/15-8/17
August 17, 2011, 11:33 pm
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We’ve been continuing with our work on each scene, trying to find every bit of meat and potatoes there is within each. But more importantly, we’ve become completely enamored with the idea of YOU, the audience! From intakes, to think tanks, evem to rewriting our Lush Valley Oath of Allegiance, we’ve been searching through those parts where your voice gets to be heard and how we can best utilize it in our new nation! Taking each tenet of Lush Valley and dividing them amongst our officers, we’re excited to listen to what you think about them and their association within the Oath of Allegiance. What’s good? What’s bad? Or maybe even a different word choice? It’s important that you get to take ownership of what you’re about to pledge as a new citizen! We also worked a lot with the camera’s eye monologues within the intake section of the show, figuring what would happen if our audience members preferred to start a conversation than just listen to what the actor has to say.

It’s not often when you get to interrupt an actor in a show and tell them how to do their job. Well, now’s your chance! What would you say to your immigration officer if you had the chance?

Lush Valley Rehearsal 8/11-8/13
August 14, 2011, 5:14 pm
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A very productive couple of days! After working through a lot of transition moments we had a complete run thru on Thursday followed by some feedback that’s really propelling the show in a new, yet more defining direction. It’s amazing what a little feedback can do to a show! There are some major structural changes that, although created a very jam packed rehearsal on Saturday, are definitely giving the piece a new life that was missing from before. We have more of a chance to visit with Georgie and Jason to learn about their relationship, a little more time to see the competition between Miguel and Kim, and some great moments of clarity in general for the audience.

I’m super excited to have had all the videos filmed on Friday and especially the TED Talk videos! All the actors with a TED Talk were placed in front of a green screen and Tal Yarden will later put in diagrams, pictures, video to really spruce them up and make them even more compelling than the text already make them.

Lush Valley Rehearsals 8/8 – 8/10
August 10, 2011, 10:07 pm
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It’s so great to be taking second passes at each scene without scripts in hands, it’s giving each character as well as Kristin to find the little nuances that are lost when someone is constantly looking at a script. We’ve discovered some really great subtle humor and from that humor, I’ve found a concern and a wanting to know these characters more as people. I think it’s going to make the moments when they have to put on their officer mask seem even more official, which is exciting to see the dichotomy in each.

On Tuesday, we had one of those rare rehearsals with the whole cast! We made a few changes to both of the gesture dances as well as the “Shit Hits the Fan” scene that sets up for the character of Ernie to break out into “Suspicious Minds”. But all-in-all I felt like we moved fairly smoothly and got a bit of work done. One of the most exciting things about collaboration is the large number of ideas that come up and really being able to pick and choose what the best one is! I’d say one of the more frazzling moments of collaboration is the large number of ideas that come up! Although, I’ve always felt like working on these whole cast moments is like working in an office – it may be frustrating from time to time, but you know everyone is working towards a similar goal, which in the end makes it all worth it. Plus, it’s an excellent exercise in dealing with co-workers!

I think we’ve had a great couple of 3 days, getting some definite shape to the piece as a whole and pumping up for the run thru next week!

Lush Valley Rehearsal 8/2-8/3
August 3, 2011, 9:48 pm
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Tuesday started off with a bang as we worked on a few scenes between the characters Kim and Miguel, working on shaping the arc of their relationship. A lot of what our audience will be seeing is the “officer” part of each character as they walk them through filling out forms, interviews, think tanks (which are indeed a more casual version of the officers, but a position of authority none-the-less), etc. But I’m loving what we’re finding in each of these smaller, more personal scenes and what each one accidentally reveals to our audience. These characters are first and foremost people, with lives outside of work and opinions other than what their workplace suggests. The humanity of the piece is really starting to seep through! In addition to that, today we found a lot of humor between Miguel’s “Barker” style lecture, his side chat about security with a few audience members, Jason’s prop-filled lecture and a sneak attack snap shot of Georgie by Jason in the break room.