Freedom Think Tank #3 – Freedom and Corporate Interests by kristinmarting
July 15, 2010, 7:26 pm
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Freedom and Corporate Interests

How do Corporate Interests affect our freedom?

Will and mistakes of corporations affect our livelihoods- the choices of jobs we have, play a great factor in our standard of life

Shape the physical landscape- the natural environment

Shape how we identify ourselves- our identity is put into question in relation to corporate marketing campaigns

The people’s will as being subordinate to will of corporations until there are major economic and environmental catastrophes and the government feels pressure to institute restrictions

Corporations making weapons- want civilization to destroy itself- and our avoidance of their destructiveness makes us somehow both complicit and impotent (Caryl Churchill’s hat makers in “Far Away”)

Corporate lobbyists and their affect on the laws and advantages of power

Corporations affecting the freedom of future generations- no freedom from birth- corporations affect our psychology from birth…they limit our choices

Corporations giving us freedom based on how profitable we can be for their business

Us versus them debate- the power of corporations is that we are not separate from them- they make you ‘feel’ like you have choices

Escaping power cycle- perhaps we can create new choices for ourselves

How free can you be when the pool you’re choosing from is decided by someone/something else?

Corporations provide food, clothing, shelter- how can artists and activists provide this?

Corporations provide images and feelings to support their interests- artists can do this too

Large magazines- Why do we buy into their images?- Psychological decisions

People want to be a part of pop culture

Brands and their conditioning to buy