Press Highlights

“The audience participation is cleverly arranged, but the real fun comes in the staged scenes- overheard conversations in the “break room”, where the bureaucrats drop their officious demeanor and reveal petty, humanizing jealousies and desires, behavior that occasionally explodes into the office in the form of wittily choreographed group dance numbers”

– The New Yorker

“This could very well be the most ambitious and powerful show of the fall…”

The L Magazine

“Playing the Lush Valley immigration game can be a lot of fun, like a Hasbro adventure in three dimensions.” – Jason Fitzgerald, Backstage

In a climate dominated by stultifying partisanship and political nihilism, Lush Valley presents a refreshingly earnest examination of patriotism.” – Will Fulton,

“…at a moment of political and economic disarray, it is heartening to see such a team of downtown theater heavyweights tackling the subject of nationalism so directly…” – Will Fulton,

“Marting and her team strike an admirable balance between scripted material and providing a flexible framework from which these sorts of quiet and lovely moments can emerge.” – Will Fulton,

“…Lush Valley creates a surprising sense of community in its audience.” – Will Fulton,

“…it’s the only government office I’ve ever known that features a rolling bar cart vending reasonably priced wine and snacks. The DMV should get on this.” – Alexis Soloski, The Village Voice

Time Out NY Press preview by Helen Shaw


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