Events  2010-11

From April-March, we held 8 community think tanks at HERE:

Think Tank #1 – Ambition Monday, April 12 7pm-10pm

Think Tank # 2 – Happiness Tuesday May 4 7pm-10pm

Think Tank # 3 – Freedom Wednesday July 7 7pm-10pm

Think tank # 4 – Equality Wednesday August 18  7pm-10pm

Think tank # 5 – Honor Friday, November 12 7pm-10pm

Think tank # 6 – Hope Sunday, December 5 3pm-6pm

Think Tank # 7- Opportunity  February 2 7pm-10pm

Think tank # 8  – Community,  March 16 7pm-10pm

In June, we did PICKET DREAM,  a three day art action as part of the Figment Festival on Governors’ Island.

In July, we had a 7 day development retreat in the Catskills. We showed some of what we made there at HERE on September 13 more in the Prelude Festival on September 30.

We also had a one week workshop at Baruch College October 20 -28 culminating in an open rehearsal.


In January, we rehearsed and on January 15 & 16, we presented 2 workshop performances in Culturemart.

In  March, we held another 1 week workshop exploring the characters.

In June, we did IDENTITY POLITICS< an art action art event on Governors Island in Figment.

In July, we had a  7 day out-of-town summer retreat at the Playwrights Center culminating in 1 staged reading and 1 think tank .

In September, we premiered  at HERE with a 14 performance run.


We hope to tour LUSH VALLEY to 4-6 US cities.

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Enjoyed participating in the Equality forum. Please keep me updated on October’s events.

Comment by Brendan Glynn

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