Picket Dream by kristinmarting
May 27, 2010, 8:51 pm
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Tal, Yana and I are thrilled to have been invited to participate in The Figment festival on Governor’s Island this June 11-13.

Here’s Tal’s description of what we will be doing over the three days:

The white picket fence is an evocation of the American Dream; an idyllic sanctuary that promises safety and happiness within its gates. This installation asks participants to label each picket with their own dream or
their perception of the American Dream and then plant the picket, adding it to an ever-expanding spiral fence. The fence will ultimately contain a thousand Picket Dreams as it evolves over the course of the festival.

We will let you know as soon as we have more details.


Rethinking the American Dream Culture: by kristinmarting
May 27, 2010, 8:19 pm
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Thanks to Rudy Mungaray for sharing this absorbing article from Vanity Fair about the changing status of the American Dream:

Rethinking the American Dream Culture:

Project Timeline by kristinmarting
December 23, 2009, 2:30 am
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Starting in March , weekly provocations & posts let loose.

From April-December, we will hold 8 community think tanks at HERE (1 each month, except june):

Think Tank #1 – Ambition Monday, April 12 7pm-10pm

Think Tank # 2 – Happiness Tuesday May 4 7pm-10pm

Think Tank # 3 – Freedom Wednesday July 7 7pm-10pm

Think tank # 4 – Equality Wednesday August 18  7pm-10pm

Think tank #  5 – Honor Thursday, November 12 7pm-10pm

Think tank # 6 – Hope Sunday, December 5 3pm-6pm

Think tank # 7 – Opportunity March TBD

Think tank # 8 – Community April TBD

In June, we did PICKET DREAM,  a three day art action as part of the Figment Festival on Governors’ Island.

In July, we had a 7 day development retreat at NACL in the Catskills. We showed some of what we made there at HERE on September 13 and at the Prelude Festival on September 30.

We will have a one week workshop at Baruch College October 20 -28. We will share what we make on October 28 at 4pm.

We plan a  1 day street action art event to be held in Times Square this winter.

In December, we rehearse for 1 week.


In January, we continue to rehearse. On January 15 & 16, we present 2 workshop performances in Culturemart.

In late March – early May, we have another 1 week workshop.

In May, we hold another 1 day street art event.

In June or July, we plan a  7 day out-of-town summer retreat possibly culminating in 2 performances.

In August, we rehearse the full production and run for 16 performance at HERE in September/October.


We hope to tour LUSH VALLEY to 2-4 US cities.

Hello world! by kristinmarting
July 3, 2009, 4:58 pm
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This is the LUSH VALLEY blog. An interactive live art event, LUSH VALLEY invites audience members to abandon their spectator hats and become key players in shaping an alternative national ethos through real-time video interviews, citizenship tests, lectures, voting and historical hallucinations. Have a hand in building LUSH VALLEY, your own idyllic-yet-realizable society, and rediscover this country as the home of differences.

LUSH VALLEY is set in a government office staffed by eight immigration officers who process audience members nightly for citizenship to Lush Valley.  The LUSH VALLEY experience features everything from intimate monologues delivered to individual audience members to surreal comic book group scenes and choreographed sequences of bureaucratic alienation performed by the entire company.  Within this complex framework, a narrative built around the hopes and worries of a cadre of immigration officers transpires as they question each other’s motives and ethics in granting and denying citizenship.  During the show each night, real-time audience feedback shared through person-to-person interaction, texting, on-site kiosks and online social media is incorporated into the proceedings.  This production has evolved through a very open, public collaboration that helped define the project through online dialogue (via blog and facebook), in-person community think tanks, video interviews and public art actions.

Director Kristin Marting, dramaturg Yana Landowne, and video artist Tal Yarden (along with writers Robert Lyons and Qui Nguyen and designers Oana Botez, Chris Kuhl, Clint Ramos, and Jane Shaw) created LUSH VALLEY, a live art participatory performance that chases the elusive idea of the American Dream. The performance began in April 2010 with our first think tank & continued through our premiere on September 11, 2011 at HERE. We are currently planning a tour to 3-5 American cities leading up to the 2012 election.