Lush Valley Rehearsal 8/1 by kristinmarting
August 1, 2011, 10:29 pm
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We took some large steps with the character of Kim today, finding several varieties in her personal life with one monologue and similar layers as a strong, liberal minded Muslim woman in another monologue. There’s a real humanity within each officer and with moments like these we hope the applicants will be able to see that as well. After lunch, we worked on ironing out the kinks in Georgie and Jason’s relationship. Will these two ever be able to find a common ground?


Work-in-progress showing at Baruch College by kristinmarting

We are excited to spend a week in residence at Baruch College from October 20-28. Joining us for this phase are writers Tom Bradshaw and Sylvan Oswald as well as new performers Jennifer Kidwell and Paul Zimet and designers Clint Ramos and Oana Botez.  Continuing with the project are Marc Bovino, Irene Longshore, Rudy Mungaray, Mariana Newhard, designer Jane Shaw, Suzi Takahashi, and Dax Valdes.  We will share what we develop over those days on Wednesday, October 27 at 4pm.  We have limited space for guests so please email if you’d like to join us.